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Dr. Boyle spent a lot of time with me providing input from her personal experience, from a functional medicine perspective and from a chiropractic perspective to give the most well-rounded plan of resolution. I drove up from Santa Barbara to see Mandy Boyle today. My back was sore from the drive upon arrival, but it was much less so on the drive home! Dr. Boyle listened to me without being ‘judgy’ and provided recommendations without being preachy. We have a plan moving forward and I’m really looking forward to my next visit despite the long drive! A visit to Omni Wellness is well worth the trip!

- Kristin from Santa Barbara

Excellent! I would recommend Dr. Boyle.

 - T. Mendoza, Paso Robles

Excellent!. I loved how Dr. Boyle listened to what I had to say and asked me questions so she could make a good decision on the best plan for my needs. 

- Ellen Armet, Atascadero

Excellent! LIKE BEST: Comfortable atmosphere, very thorough attention from the doctor. We were so relieved and pleased that my daughter's pain went away after laser treatment. She did not need to have the MRI that was scheduled for her, which was a significant concern for her.

- Emily Armet, Atascadero

The past six years I've had nerve problems in the balls of my feet. For three years I saw a podiatrist. After trying several unsuccessful treatments, he gave me orthotics to wear in my shoes and said that's all he could do. A few months ago, Dr. Boyle recommended I take some supplements for blood circulation and did a few laser treatments. My pain is 85% gone and I'm so happy! Now I can go back to my walks!

 - E. Lawless, Atascadero

Good afternoon Dr. Boyle, I just wanted to touch base with you following Preston's basketball game after he saw you. He was able to play the whole game (with just a few minutes on the bench to rest) and he did fantastic! He moved around the court like nothing was ever wrong! He said the next day (yesterday) his back/hip pain was so much better - although he had a new pain in the front of his hips, which I'm sure he'll tell you about next time he sees you. Anyway, thank you so much - he's already noticed an improvement!

 - Erin, Nipomo

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