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Do you want to feel better using lifestyle modifications, food, natural supplements and nutrition? Do you want to avoid medication or surgery? Do you want to prevent deteriorating health?  Do you want to use science and labs to guide you? 


If so, a Functional Medicine wellness approach is for you!

A wellness approach balances the body, chemically (nutrition and toxins), structurally, and neurologically (emotions and behavior).

  • Chemically, we may find food-induced inflammation, nutrient deficiencies, environmental toxins, or hormone imbalance. 

  • Structurally, an unhealed ankle may lead to poor biomechanics altering movement patterns, potentially leading to injury. 

  • Neurologically, we see stress-induced effects that can lead to inflammation and accelerate aging. 

By addressing the root cause of imbalances, you allow your body to feel better, reduce inflammation, and find balance.  Understand that the older an injury, imbalance, or habit is, the longer it takes to restore balances.

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