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Functional Medicine Practitioner

The Benefits of Working with a Functional Medicine Practitioner

While medical practitioner methodologies are aimed at healing, various specialties may be limited by a combination scope of practice, facility protocols, insurance compliance, and/or education scope. Sometimes, when you are not feeling better, it may appear that your doctor is not listening to you. However, if you are not healing, it is more likely that you need to address the root cause of your concerns. Depending on the condition, this may not be something covered in traditional medical schools, which focuses on medications and medical procedures. However, some procedures are irreversible and some medications cause other health issues. As an individual, it can be hard to get the support you need. This is where Functional medicine can be very complimentary to address your concerns. 

Functional medicine is a low-risk alternative with incredible potential benefits. We are often categorized as alternative medicine practitioners. There is a wide range of practitioners out there practicing functional medicine, which is a historically newer field. Dr. Boyle's approach is strongly based on science and experience. She uses both traditional labs and advanced laboratory testing to identify the root cause. Additionally, she considers your unique symptoms, experiences, history, genetics, and progress. 

The beauty of this practice is that we often see rapid improvement and can tailor guidance based on your needs. If you need medication or surgery, you still have that option, but trying a holistic healing approach first, when possible, may allow for better outcomes. Each individual is unique, so we may analyze genetics, lifestyle, diet, habit, and environmental factors. Functional medicine healing is a process that takes time and commitment. It is not as simple as a prescription but will utilize lab analysis, consider how you are responding, and make adjustments to customize your care. Addressing root causes with functional medicine offers the opportunity to improve your health and enhance your quality of life. 

Thank you for visiting Omni Wellness. If you have been looking for an alternative medicine practitioner, wellness or holistic program, or a functional medicine practitioner, then please reach out. Contact Dr. Boyle to learn more about our caring, holistic, professional services or to schedule an appointment today. The healthcare community is continually growing, learning, and offering better options for patients, and Dr. Boyle cannot wait to show you how alternative options in medicine can help you too.

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