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Holistic Practitioner on the Central Coast

A Wellness and Holistic Practitioner in San Luis Obispo

As a holistic practitioner serving the Central Coast, Dr. Boyle looks at diet, lifestyle, goals, stressors, symptoms, lab findings, imaging, medical history, and more.  If your goal is to stay active, heal from an old or new injury, feel good throughout the day, and sleep well at night, then book an appointment to experience a holistic approach to your health. Whether you are relatively healthy, you have a complicated medical history, or you have old injuries that hold you back, this approach is a great, low-risk option, that offers you hope.  


The truth is that we often think we are doing the best we can. However, "best" is based on what we know at the time. Often we know this deep down that we are holding ourselves back, but are not ready to commit to change. So, if you want to feel your best, and you are ready to commit to the journey, then Dr. Boyle will serve as your holistic practitioner, guiding you based on science, symptom questionnaires, and lab work, to help you meet your goals. 


Dr. Boyle uses a metabolic approach to address healing from the inside out. A metabolic approach uses diet changes, lifestyle, and supplementation. This combination is good at reducing inflammation, balancing blood chemistry, and providing nutrients, which can do wonders. As the old adage goes, "you are what you eat."  


In appointments, questions are asked about your medical history and symptoms. Goals are identified and Dr. Boyle works with you providing guidance, instruction, and explanations so that each patient understands how to take care of themselves. Labs are often recommended, but each patient has their own budget, so this is discussed accordingly and there are no surprises. Labs are sometimes covered by insurance and some are cash/self-pay only.  The office and doctor do not make any profit by ordering labs, and they are an investment that each patient makes to their own health. The information gained from lab work can help to streamline the approach saving time and cutting out the guesswork.  If you have lab work from other practitioners, it is strongly recommended to provide it prior to the first appointment.

Chiropractic and Laser treatments are each healing on their own. In combination, they are even more powerful. Then when you add in healing metabolically, from the inside out, results are impressive.  Dr. Boyle combines many philosophies of chiropractic. Her style is not your traditional in-an-out, but rather Omni Wellness appointments are more spa-like in nature. Appointments incorporate a combination of muscle energy techniques, myofascial release, mobilization or adjustment, Laser or percussion devices, and more. Chiropractic is wonderful to address physical relief, as well as correct biomechanics, and to make long-term corrections to posture and muscle imbalances. Home exercises are frequently prescribed. Plan on being in an appointment 30-45 minutes per visit, and up to 1-hour on the first visit. 


The Class 4 Laser is the most advanced laser available for healing tissues, reducing inflammation, reducing pain, improving nerve function, and increasing energy within the cells.  The results are amazing and more rapid than the more traditional Class 3 (cold) Lasers. 


If you are looking for a holistic, wellness, Functional Medicine Practitioner, or Chiropractor on the Central Coast, then welcome to Omni Wellness. Each patient is cared for as a unique individual at Omni Wellness. That means holistic and wellness programs are integrated into services and treatments.  If you would like to learn more about how Omni Wellness can help you, then contact us for more information. 

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